Poetry and Portraits Day

10th October 2015, 10:00am - 5:00pm, Greenhill Cottage Gallery, Brokerswood Road, Southwick, BA14 9PR

This will be my first live event as poet-in-residence at Greenhill Cottage Gallery, in which I, and gallery portraitist Judy Lanteigne, will be in this gorgeous spot, just down the road from Brokerswood, all day. I will be writing poetry based on work in the gallery, and giving short readings of my poetry throughout the day, whenever visitors would like to hear some (or when the mood takes me!). Judy will be demonstrating and discussing her art within the gallery (her large, vividly-coloured abstract paintings are stunning). If you would like a portrait of yourself, a loved one or pet then come along and have a chat to her.
There's lots of free parking at the gallery, and even free tea and coffee - not to mention a wide range of contemporary paintings, sculpture and jewellery to gaze at - and, if you can't resist, to buy!

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