Mend & Hone

by Dawn Gorman, Elizabeth Howort, Leslie LaChance, Janlori Goldman.
Published by Toadlily Press.
Available from Dawn Gorman.

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Dawn Gorman's second pamphlet, This Meeting of Tracks forms one quarter of this four-hander, published by Toadlily Press in New York. The publication is part of the publisher's annual series, in which four poets are chosen from competition entrants to feature in the latest book.
In her foreword to the publication, Darcie Dennigan said: "Gorman's are landscape poems of a sort, but no matter where or with whom the speaker travels in the poems, what is ultimately revealed is her own interior landscape." She continues: "The abyss that follows the last word of the last line in Gorman's poems is affecting - the speaker, after bravely staying silent for the length of the poem, is again engulfed by it."
Dawn says: "It was such a brilliant experience working with Toadlily Press on this book - huge thanks to Myrna Goodman for holding the reins, and to Heidi Hart, my sensitive and encouraging editor. And especially big thanks to to my friend and wonderful poet Jean-Mark Sens, without whom I would not have even thought to enter the competition which brought about my inclusion in the book. Jean-Mark told me about the competition, encouraged me to enter, and helped me navigate the complexities of getting in my submission on time on US-sized paper."