Performing on Edinburgh's Royal Mile during the Fringe 2015

Unexpected Excesses

9th - 14th August 2015, 11:00am - 6:00pm, The EDS Gallery, 13A Great King Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QW

I will be writing poems 'live' as poet in residence at an installation for the Edinburgh Fringe by Liz Watts (bronzes, ceramics, porcelain, papier-mache) and Jan Knibbs (couture embroidery, wearable art, body adornments). Also there will be composer in residence Martin Seager, and intermittent guests around the table, including harpist Bianca Watts, storytellers Francis Maxey and Megan Lloyd, poet Julie Mullen, singers and many more. I'll be there Sun-Tues and Fri 11-4; Wed 11-1 and 3-6. Also on the A1 Stage 11.10-11.30 on Wed 12th and Thurs 13th.