Poetry Workshops

Dawn runs poetry writing and critiquing workshops in Bradford on Avon, Frome and elsewhere in the south west, and also one-offs in various venues across the country, including art galleries and libraries.

To find out where and when the regular workshops take place, or to arrange for a regular, or one-off, tailor-made workshop for your group, event or venue, please contact Dawn direct: dawn@dawngorman.co.uk


'Dawn is one of those rare, natural teachers. Her ability to seamlessly combine poetry and targeted prompts always sets light to my imagination and I end up producing something I didn't even know was in me. Working alone it's easy to lose heart. Spending time with people who are passionate about poetry reinforces my faith that it is something immeasurably worthwhile.'

Jac Forsyth

'The Swan poetry workshop is the one I try never to miss. Using poems by the forthcoming guest poets at Words and Ears, Dawn Gorman gives us a fresh stimulus each time, and the writing that emerges surprises ourselves and each other.'

Lindsey Shaw-Miller

'Dawn Gorman's monthly poetry workshops in Bradford-on-Avon are one of the best-kept secrets of the south-west. If you want to improve your writing, sign up now!'

Tessa Strickland