A High Place

by Dawn Gorman.
Film by Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron.

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I was thrilled when Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron said they would like to make a poetry film of my prose poem A High Place, but was totally unprepared for the emotional impact that the images and music they put together would deliver. Are you allowed to cry at your own voice reading your own poem? I did when I first watched this short but very beautiful film.

Working with Helen and Chaucer on the film also helped me to mine my own content to discover the real emotional and psychological source of this poem, which was the death of my grandad, my rock, my childhood pal, in 1995. The release date of this film, July 30th, was his birthday.

You can find out more about poetry film here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1727444064214170/
and about Helen and Chaucer's work at https://elephantsfootprint.com/
Heartfelt thanks to them both for their wonderful work on this film.