Aloneness is a Many-Headed Bird

by Dawn Gorman & Rosie Jackson.
Published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press.
Available from me direct - just click on the 'contact' link above, let me know you'd like a copy, and I'll give you the PayPal/BACS details and pop one in the post to you. Thank you!.

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Aloneness is a Many-Headed Bird is a conversation in poetry between two women about things that matter in a deranged and damaged world. Drawing on their own gritty life experiences, their working-class roots and acquired wisdom, the poems evolve into an exploration of what it means to love, forgive, trust our bodies, and, ultimately, to step beyond ourselves, to forge the courage to empathise with all living beings and find a higher grace. In poems that hold nothing back, that name hardships as well as transcendence, age and mortality as well as survival, this is an empowering dialogue for anyone who has wanted to make meaning out of their story and find hope for the future.

'We should be grateful that both poets have chosen to share their combined harvest with us in this beautiful way.'
Jane Thomas (in Sphinx)

'This is one book I'll never be passing on to anyone else, or removing it from my shelves. It's just excellent.'
Gill McEvoy (on Facebook)