17th December 2020

Things We Should Have Said

26th November 2020

Clare Best
Robert Hamberger

29th October 2020

Martyn Crucefix
Phil Kirby

24th September 2020

Julia Deakin
Jackie Wills

27th August 2020

Veronica Aaronson
Jean Atkin

30th July 2020

Alyson Hallett
Penelope Shuttle

25th June 2020

Raine Geoghegan
Jennie Osborne

28th May 2020

Graham Burchell
Rosie Jackson

30th April 2020

Maria Jastrzebska
Louise Warren

26th March 2020

Dominic Fisher
Deborah Harvey

27th February 2020

Stephen Boyce
Dawn Gorman

30th January 2020

John Greening
Susan Jane Sims

19th December 2019

Moira Andrew
Neil Richards
Tom Sastry

28th November 2019

Claire Crowther
Carrie Etter

31st October 2019

Martin Figura
Helen Ivory

26th September 2019

Sue Boyle
Maggie Harris

29th August 2019

Michelle Diaz
Jonathan Edwards

25th July 2019

Alison Brackenbury
Shirley Wright

27th June 2019

Martina Evans
Aoife Mannix
Richard Douglas Pennant
Stuart Silver
Helen Moore

30th May 2019

James Davey
Jinny Fisher

25th April 2019

Rachael Clyne
Janet Sutherland

28th March 2019

Philip Gross
Lesley Saunders

28th February 2019

David Cooke
Ian Royce-Chamberlain

31st January 2019

Ben Banyard
Carrie Etter

20th December 2018

Kevan Manwaring
Jan Noble

13th December 2018

Stephen Seabridge

29th November 2018

Pey Pey Oh
Alasdair Paterson

9th November 2018

Martin Malone

25th October 2018

C L Dallat
Anne-Marie Fyfe

27th September 2018

Ross Cogan
Anna Saunders

30th August 2018

Josephine Corcoran
Lesley Saunders

26th July 2018

R V Bailey
June Hall

28th June 2018

Elizabeth Parker
Julia Webb

31st May 2018

Susan Richardson
Claire Williamson

27th April 2018

Cora Greenhill

26th April 2018

Tony Curtis
Cora Greenhill

29th March 2018

Paul Deaton
Ramona Herdman

22nd February 2018

Alyson Hallett
Julie-Ann Rowell

25th January 2018

Angela France
Robert Walton

28th December 2017

Stephen Daniels
Hazel Hammond
Dru Marland

30th November 2017

Tania Hershman
Pam Zinnemann-Hope

26th October 2017

Jonathan Edwards
Sarah Watkinson

28th September 2017

Zelda Chappel
Peter Robinson

17th September 2017

Carrie Etter

31st August 2017

Rachel Curzon
Helen Evans

27th July 2017

John Greening
Penelope Shuttle

29th June 2017

Lisa Brockwell
Beatrice Garland
Kate Noakes

24th June 2017

Moira Andrew
Maggie Harris
Ruth Marden
Crysse Morrison
Patrick B Osada
Peter Wyton

25th May 2017

Elephant's Footprint
Jodie Hollander
Liz Watts

27th April 2017

Rishi Dastidar
Susan Utting

17th April 2017

Rebecca Gethin

30th March 2017

Charles G Lauder Jr
Jennifer A McGowan

23rd February 2017

Wendy Klein
Daniel Sluman

26th January 2017

Ira Lightman
Ruth Sharman

3rd January 2017

Angela France
Roy Marshall

15th December 2016

John Hawkhead
Elizabeth Parker

24th November 2016

Claire Dyer
Hannah Teasdale

27th October 2016

Brokenborough Poets
Liz Carew
Atherton Gray
David Lukens
Matthew Oates
John Richardson
MM Season

29th September 2016

Deborah Harvey
Kieron Winn

16th September 2016

Harry Man

25th August 2016

Various contributors to the new book Salt on the Wind

11th August 2016

Georgi Gill
JL Williams

28th July 2016

David Clarke
Rachael Clyne

30th June 2016

Alison Brackenbury
Rosie Jackson

28th June 2016

Sam Loveless
Alan Summers

26th May 2016

Martyn Crucefix
Linda Saunders

5th May 2016

Cristina Navazo-Eguia Newton

28th April 2016

Graham Burchell
Maggie Sawkins

31st March 2016

Caroline Heaton
Martin Malone

25th February 2016

Sue Boyle
Connie Voisine

28th January 2016

Carrie Etter
Matthew Stewart

4th January 2016

Alison Lock
Stephen Payne

26th November 2015

Rose Flint

29th October 2015

Robin Houghton

28th September 2015

Emily Wills

27th August 2015

Alasdair Paterson

30th July 2015

Matt Merritt

25th June 2015

Deborah Harvey

28th May 2015

Susan Jane Sims
Jeremy Young

30th April 2015

Carole Baldock

26th March 2015

Lesley Saunders

26th February 2015

Susan Utting

29th January 2015

Sue Chadd

5th January 2015

Josephine Corcoran

4th December 2014

Special Event

30th October 2014

Stephen Elves

25th September 2014

Daisy Behagg

3rd September 2014

Special Event

31st July 2014

Peter Wyton

26th June 2014

Rosie Jackson

29th May 2014

Misha Carder

24th April 2014

Richard Skinner

27th March 2014

Allison McVety

27th February 2014

Martin Malone

30th January 2014

Hilda Sheehan

16th December 2013

Deborah Harvey

28th November 2013

Chrissie Gittins

24th October 2013

Dawn Gorman

26th September 2013

Fiona Moore

2nd September 2013

Special Event

25th July 2013

Alan Summers

27th June 2013

Kevan Manwaring

25th April 2013

Lynne Sedgmore

28th March 2013

Peter Wyton

28th February 2013

Jay Ramsay

24th January 2013

Linda Saunders

19th December 2012

Helen Moore

29th November 2012

Frances-Anne King

29th October 2012

Rose Flint

1st October 2012

Lesley Saunders

3rd September 2012

Special Event

30th July 2012

Jay Ramsay

23rd May 2012

Special Event

30th April 2012

Stephen Boyce

26th March 2012

Kevan Manwaring

23rd January 2012

David C Johnson

19th December 2011

Crysse Morrison

22nd November 2011

Philip Lyons

31st October 2011

Sue Boyle

29th September 2011

Special Event

27th August 2011

Liv Torc

25th July 2011

Stephen Payne

27th June 2011

Kevan Manwaring

23rd May 2011

Linda Snell

18th April 2011

Special Event

28th March 2011

Julie Mullen

28th February 2011

Gabriel Bradford Millar

25th January 2011

Special Event

13th December 2010

Muriel Lavender

17th November 2010

Karen Hoy
Alan Summers

23rd September 2010

Carrie Etter

31st August 2010

Jay Ramsay

Moira Andrew

Guest Poet: Moira Andrew

Moira Andrew was born and educated in Scotland. She is an ex-primary teacher, head teacher and college lecturer in primary education (known there as the 'poetry lady'!), and part-time tutor in Creative Writing in the University of Glamorgan. She wrote several books on the creative arts for primary teachers from Belair in the late '90s & early 2000s, the best-known perhaps, Language in Colour and Paint a Poem. She has also written lots of children's poetry for various publishers, poetry posters and stories for Scholastic. She now concentrates mainly on poetry for adults, with eight collections in publication, the first, Light the Blue Touch Paper, Iron Press, 1986 & 1989, the most recent Breakfast with Swallows, Austin Macaulay, 2018 and Geese and Daughters, Indigo Dreams, 2019; the others, Firebird and Man in the Moon, are from IDP. She also has a children's collection, Wish a Wish, from Poetry Space, 2012, and is editor of a number of anthologies, the most recent, A Scream of Many Colours, published this year by Poetry Space. Moira currently runs a monthly poetry workshop for adults in Nunney. Hand-in-Hand, the group's first pamphlet, was published by Poetry Space this year.
Photo: David Golby.

Maggie Harris

Guest Poet: Maggie Harris

Maggie Harris is a Guyana-born writer from Kent living in Wales. Her poetry is a blend of English lyricism and Caribbean Creole; she has twice won the Guyana Prize and the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2014. Her poem Lit by Fire was commissioned to represent Kent by BBC Radio for National Poetry Day 2016. She has performed alongside Jean Binta Breeze and John Agard. Previous books include Sixty Years of Loving, (poetry) Cane Arrow Press, and Writing on Water, (stories) published by Seren. Her latest is On Watching a Lemon Sail the Sea, the title poem of which was a winner in the Welsh International Poetry Competition.

Ruth Marden

Guest Poet: Ruth Marden

One evening during her 40s Ruth was doing her lesson preparation when she suddenly 'answered' a poem by Thomas Hardy. Since then she has worked pretty continuously, deriving benefit from classes and writing groups. Her poems celebrate the everyday, focusing on childhood, age, friendship, and loved places - notably Greece. Her awareness of traditional as well as contemporary poetry influences the way she writes. Her pamphlet The Little Jockey was published by HappenStance in 2014.

Crysse Morrison

Guest Poet: Crysse Morrison

Crysse Morrison is an ex-Londoner now living in Frome. She has written fiction, plays and articles, but enjoys the challenge of poetry and performs at venues around the south west. As a self-styled crone, her mission is to give voice and visibility to the wrinklie generation. Her collection Crumbs from a Spinning World is published by Burning Eye Books, and she runs the Frome Poetry Cafe.

Patrick B Osada

Guest Poet: Patrick B Osada

Patrick B Osada is an editor, writes reviews of poetry for magazines and is a member of the management team for SOUTH poetry magazine. His first collection, Close to the Edge was published in 1996 and won the Rosemary Arthur Award. He has five collections; the latest, Changes, was published in January. Patrick's work has been widely published in magazines, anthologies and on the internet.

Peter Wyton

Guest Poet: Peter Wyton

Peter Wyton has presented his poetry at festivals, arts centres and a wide variety of events for over two decades, from Falmouth to the Kingdom of Fife and from Aldeburgh to the Glens of Antrim. Nationally, his verses have appeared in three national newspapers and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Poetry Please and Something Understood. He makes regular appearances on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and has a monthly column in Cotswold Life magazine.

24th June 2017, The Old Road Tavern, Old Rd, Chippenham SN15 1JA