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Things We Should Have Said

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Clare Best
Robert Hamberger

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Jean Atkin

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Rosie Jackson

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Louise Warren

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Deborah Harvey

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Stephen Boyce
Dawn Gorman

30th January 2020

John Greening
Susan Jane Sims

19th December 2019

Moira Andrew
Neil Richards
Tom Sastry

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Carrie Etter

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28th February 2019

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Ben Banyard
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20th December 2018

Kevan Manwaring
Jan Noble

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Stephen Seabridge

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Pey Pey Oh
Alasdair Paterson

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Martin Malone

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Cora Greenhill

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Cora Greenhill

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25th May 2017

Elephant's Footprint
Jodie Hollander
Liz Watts

27th April 2017

Rishi Dastidar
Susan Utting

17th April 2017

Rebecca Gethin

30th March 2017

Charles G Lauder Jr
Jennifer A McGowan

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3rd January 2017

Angela France
Roy Marshall

15th December 2016

John Hawkhead
Elizabeth Parker

24th November 2016

Claire Dyer
Hannah Teasdale

27th October 2016

Brokenborough Poets
Liz Carew
Atherton Gray
David Lukens
Matthew Oates
John Richardson
MM Season

29th September 2016

Deborah Harvey
Kieron Winn

16th September 2016

Harry Man

25th August 2016

Various contributors to the new book Salt on the Wind

11th August 2016

Georgi Gill
JL Williams

28th July 2016

David Clarke
Rachael Clyne

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28th June 2016

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Josephine Corcoran

4th December 2014

Special Event

30th October 2014

Stephen Elves

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Jay Ramsay

Brokenborough Poets

Guest Poet: Brokenborough Poets

Brokenborough Poets are a small but dedicated group of poets who have been meeting regularly at the Horse Guards, a country pub just outside Malmesbury for more than 10 years. Fieldwork is their first anthology and represents not only the individual voices of the poets but also the diversity of the group as a whole.
Come and hear the work of insightful Liz Carew, and a wealth of moments with Atherton Gray. Add into the mix the comprehension and craft of David Lukens, the natural lyricism of Matthew Oates, inner and outer explorations by John Richardson and some surprising scales and arpeggios by M M Season and you are in for a literary treat.
The Brokenborough Poets are all published writers, have had their work selected for well-known magazines and anthologies, and won prestigious poetry competitions. A feast of poetry not to be missed!

Cover design/artwork by Stevie Gilmore. http://www.originalart-paintings.co.uk

Guest Poet: Liz Carew

Liz Carew was born near John O'Groats and her family comes from Orkney. She moved steadily southwards and settled in Cirencester. She studied French at University and has worked in tourism and as an ESOL teacher, to give herself a multicultural fix.
She is inspired by landscape and history and has been published in Poetry Scotland, The French Literary Review and Graffiti.

Guest Poet: Atherton Gray

Atherton Gray has recently retired having been a consultant haematologist at Great Western Hospital since 1991. Doing the rounds he was very aware that each person has a story to tell, which often manifests itself in poems. He has found both reading and trying to write poetry very enjoyable and stimulating. He writes as part of the process of fully realising experiences so the wealth of the moment is not lost. He has done well in local poetry competitions.

Guest Poet: David Lukens

David Lukens has a degree in philosophy and has worked in teaching, business and information management. Lives in Wootton Bassett and apart from writing poetry, plays tennis and makes sourdough bread. He has been published in Acumen, Under The Radar, and Butcher's Dog. His Poem A Circular Life was chosen as one to be published by Alison Brackenbury in the Poetry Space 2014 Competition, and he has often done well in Swindon's international poetry competition.

Guest Poet: Matthew Oates

Matthew Oates - is a naturalist, author and broadcaster who is dedicated to developing a poetic approach to nature. He works for the National Trust as specialist ecologist, and writes for The Times Nature Notebook column. Many of his poems explore experiences in the natural world and the concept of 'Spirit of Place', as does his latest book In Pursuit of Butterflies. (Bloomsbury, 2015).

Guest Poet: John Richardson

John Richardson is a founder member of Swindon's BlueGate Poets, (now Poetry Swindon). Over the last ten years he has: given many poetry workshops, been a tutor to apprentice poets, was MC of Marlborough Literature Festival's poetry cafe for its first three years and MC'd Bath's poetry cafe last year. He is a poetry publisher of several pamphlets and of the free e-zine the IMPpress. He has been a runner up several times in Swindon's international Battered Moons poetry contest and was a guest reader at the Cheltenham Poetry.

Guest Poet: MM Season

MM Season began writing poetry as a way of tightening up her prose. Generally she writes strange fiction from novel, flash fiction to Twitter length. Her work has appeared in the UK, overseas and in online publications. For two years she was editor of a quarterly charity magazine. Her background is linguistics and she has lived in Japan and France and various English counties. Now she writes poems to articulate long-mulled observations and to capture sudden ones.

27th October 2016, The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1LN