Hilda Sheehan

Stand Up, Loosen Up, Listen Up

9th July 2015, 8:30pm - 10:00pm, The Three Horseshoes, Frome Road, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LA

Surreal, naughty, wise and hilarious - stand-up poetry event with three kick ass poets. Open mic slots for the funny and brave. With Hilda Sheehan, Miles Deacon and Anna-May Laugher. And I'm MC-ing... Free entry. Part of the Bradford on Avon Fringe Festival.
Miles Deacon: "A genius!", "Transcendent!", "By far the best poet of our time!" are all phrases Miles has never heard about his stand-up poetry. He's more likely to hear "Funny!", "Surreal!", "Naughty!" and "You haven't turned the microphone on!". Covering an eclectic range of subjects such as decaff coffee, middle class festivals, tough post-war women and twigs for beards, Miles will have you smiling, thinking, groaning, and helping him find the microphone switch.
Hilda Sheehan: Funny, surreal, and full of joie de vivre, Hilda Sheehan presents what poet William Bedford describes as "a perfectly pitched, hilarious and disturbingly accurate picture of the way we live." She is, he says, "Like a firework set off in the heart of the culture's kitchen". Hear her, and never see life in quite the same way again.
Anna-May Laugher: is the owner of a hypothetical sloth called Otto. She had a poem on the buttock of a papier-mache-covered, blow-up doll (created by Hilda) in a Swindon art gallery, and her poem Stone Map in Ravelin Park was used as the basis of a poem film by Chichester University poetry students and was voiced by actress and political activist Joanna Lumley.