28th February 2019

David Cooke
Ian Royce-Chamberlain

28th March 2019

Philip Gross
Lesley Saunders

25th April 2019

Rachael Clyne
Janet Sutherland

30th May 2019

James Davey
Jinny Fisher

27th June 2019

Martina Evans
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25th July 2019

Alison Brackenbury
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Michelle Diaz
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26th September 2019

Sue Boyle
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31st October 2019

Martin Figura
Helen Ivory

28th November 2019

Carrie Etter

Stephen Seabridge

Guest Poet: Stephen Seabridge

Stephen Seabridge is the Poet Laureate of Stoke-on-Trent. He is the first to be appointed to this position for the city and his Laureateship term is 2018-2020. Stephen is born and bred in the city, having grown up, worked and studied in Stoke-on-Trent. Though he is averse to categorising his work too much, his poetry and art focuses on working class identity, boyhood and manhood, and how identity is tied irrevocably to place. His latest works involve a series of commissions throughout the city, including a poem written in response to the recent 14-18 Now installation Weeping Window exhibited at Middleport Pottery and a series of poems written for the city-wide artistic heritage project DustRising.
If you want to get in contact with Stephen, he is active on Twitter at: @S_Seabridge. He is also available via email at: stephenseabridge@outlook.com.

13th December 2018, Valentine Clays, Valentine Way, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2FJ

Another of our Words & Ears On Tour events, when we return to Stoke-on-Trent, and the fabulous venue, Valentine Clays. It is being run in association with Liz Watts' exhibition Festive Feast and will feature readings by our guest poet, Stoke Poet Laureate Stephen Seabridge, newly-polished work written by poets at the ekphrastic poetry writing workshop at Valentine Clays on December 1st, poetry from Dawn Gorman and Liz Watts, PLUS open mic slots for anyone who would like to read their own work, bookable on the night.
It is, above all things, a friendly, supportive space where established poets, new poets and all those in between can relax, perform, listen and network.
Tickets are priced at £6 per person and include a free glass of wine. There will be a short break half way through the evening.
Evening event tickets - https://www.loveclay.co.uk/tc-events/words-ears-poetry-evening/