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Pey Pey Oh

Guest Poet: Pey Pey Oh

Pey Pey Oh is published in various anthologies and magazines like Cha, Magma, Bare Fiction and Domestic Cherry. A pamphlet Pictograph is forthcoming from Flarestack Poets in 2018. She is currently on the creative writing MPhil at The University of South Wales (Glamorgan). Originally from Malaysia, she has now lived in Bath, UK longer than any other place.
Photo: Andrew Nash

Alasdair Paterson

Guest Poet: Alasdair Paterson

Alasdair Paterson's most recent collections are On The Governing Of Empires (Shearsman Books 2010), Brumaire And Later (Flarestack Poets 2011), Elsewhere Or Thereabouts (Shearsman Books 2014), My Life As A Mad King (Oystercatcher 2016) and Silent Years (Flarestack Poets 2017). He lives in Exeter, where he presents the monthly Uncut Poets event and chairs the annual Exeter Poetry Festival.

29th November 2018, The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1LN

Words & Ears was in the very capable MC-ing hands of Sam Loveless this time. He said: "Well that was a lovely night. Big thanks to Pey Oh, Jinny Fisher, Josephine Corcoran and many others both on and off facebook for a top-notch open mic."
And here are some comments (from Facebook) from some of those lovely poets who were there on the night:
"Thank you for hosting, Sam, and coping with the disco-light madness! Great to hear Alasdair and Pey Oh and all the great work on the open mike from haiku to flash fiction." Heidi Beck
"Twas a fab night." Michelle Diaz
"A fab evening indeed. Feeling very lucky to know so many talented and lovely peeps. I'm so glad I moved to the south-west!" Shauna Darling Robertson
"Wonderful evening, beautiful poems, mulled cider on tap. Absolute winner. Pey, Alasdair and open mic'ers had us in the palm of their hands..." Helen Pearse
"Yes, a top-notch evening down in the cellar! Thank you Sam Alasdair and Pey and everyone." Josephine Corcoran
"It was a stellar cellar evening! What a lovely pairing of Pey and Alasdair. And I swear W&E has the best open mic. Well done that Sam, and of course that Dawn, for the mistress minding." Jinny Fisher