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Elizabeth Parker
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R V Bailey
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Josephine Corcoran
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Jan Noble
Hannah Teasdale

Guest Poet: Jan Noble

Hannah Teasdale

Guest Poet: Hannah Teasdale

Hannah Teasdale was born and raised in Birmingham where she first began writing 'her brutal truth'. She now lives in Bath where she raises her 6 children - but still always with a pen in her hand.
Hannah has had plays produced for theatre and numerous short stories published in literary magazines. She performs her poetry the length and breadth of the UK and can be found in the spoken word tents at major festivals. She facilitates poetry workshops for adults and is currently working on a spoken word production showcasing at fringe events.
She has two poetry collections published, Fingerprints Poetry Space 2013 and Laid Bar Burning Eye Books, 2016
'Her writing leaves behind traces of the author's journey through memories that stick grittily to the imagination'
Claire Williamson - Author
'her focus takes us to the heart of her compassionate clarity and witty reflections amid the emotional turmoil of a life well lived.'
Morag Kiziewicz - Author
"Hannah's poems are eloquently and endearingly brutal. As the title of her collection suggests, she lays herself bare and hoists herself into your lap ... seduces you, bludgeons you, leaves you panting, sweating, smirking and gasping for a fag"
Giovanni 'Spoz' Esposito - Poet
'Challenging, vulnerable and unapologetically honest, Hannah's poetry reawakens senses you had forgotten you ever had'
Katie Agnew - Best-selling Author
'This book is a gift of emotion, it's knotty and heartbreaking and effortless. If joni Mitchell had 6 kids, a bottle of valium and a pizza in the oven - this is what she would have written.'
Liv Torc - Burning Eye Books
Hannah's beautifully crafted yet brutally honest verses make for some of the realest and most poetic material you will hear from a spoken word set. Most of her work is inspired by personal experiences which the audience are invited to relive with her as she takes you on a journey of personal acceptance, learning and progression through eloquent prosody and stunning imagery.
Danny Pandolfi - Raise The Bar

20th December 2018, The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1LN

7:30pm - 10:00pm.

Come and join us at Bradford on Avon's popular reading series, Words & Ears. Bring a poem, story or song to share, or just bring yourself. All performers and listeners welcome: open mic slots always available. £4 on the door.