The Poetry Place - West Wilts Radio

A new poetry 'magazine' radio show on the equally new West Wilts Radio, based in Bradford on Avon. The show currently goes out on the final Sunday of the month, beginning on Sunday January 26th 2020, and is presented by Peter O'Grady and myself. The aim is to involve the local community (of West Wiltshire and thereabouts) in what's happening on the local poetry scene, highlighting events, readings and other events - and bringing you interviews with local (and not-so-local) poets, talking to them about the business of writing poetry, reading it, getting published and getting involved. We also have a fab theme tune written especially for us by poet (and musician) Martin Malone. Thank you, Martin.
Contributions, suggestions and comments on the show are welcomed with open arms and minds - do please get in touch! You can contact us direct by email: