Poetry Writing Workshop in response to the Cicatrix exhibition

16th April 2018, 3:00pm - 4:30pm, Black Swan Arts Gallery, Frome

Very excited to be leading a poetry workshop responding to the Cicatrix exhibition at the Black Swan Arts Gallery in Frome on Monday - three artists, 300 square miles of land we know as Salisbury Plain, and scar upon scar. This is where Anglo Saxon warriors were buried, where soldiers trained in WWI, and where, with chilling relevance to now, experiments were conducted at Porton Down. A complex landscape to explore, for sure, and intriguingly presented in sketches, 3D art and video installation. Looking forward to you joining me on the journey if you can make it - anyone with an interest in creating a personal written response is welcome to come along. Bring a notebook and pen. Coffee & tea available from Divas Cafe Frome.
£5.00, pay at the workshop.
Organized and introduced by Crysse Morrison.