30th July 2020

Alyson Hallett
Penelope Shuttle

27th August 2020

Veronica Aaronson
Jean Atkin

24th September 2020

Julia Deakin
Jackie Wills

29th October 2020

Martyn Crucefix
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26th November 2020

Clare Best
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17th December 2020

Things We Should Have Said

Julia Deakin

Guest Poet: Julia Deakin

Julia Deakin was born in Nuneaton and worked her way north to Yorkshire via Shropshire, the Potteries and Manchester. A compelling reader, she has won numerous prizes and featured twice on Poetry Please. Her collections are praised by leading UK poets. 'Crafted, tender poems, written with passion and purpose,' said Simon Armitage of her first; her latest, Sleepless (Valley Press 2018) is commended by Gillian Clarke. When not writing, or editing Pennine Platform, Julia enjoys walking and ice skating.

Jackie Wills

Guest Poet: Jackie Wills

Jackie Wills has spent her working life as a journalist, editor and teacher. She's a lifetime member of the National Union of Journalists, former Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the universities of Surrey and Sussex and a Lector, leading reading groups in Brighton and in hospital for young people with mental health problems. Wills' work as a tutor includes projects for multinational corporations, orchestras, museums, a children's secure unit, refugees, homeless people, older people and substance misusers. She has collaborated with many artists and long-term with Jane Sybilla Fordham and Fabrica Gallery in Brighton. She's organised poetry events and fundraisers, has had an allotment for more than 20 years and in 2019 worked with the Garden Museum and RHS at Wisley. Wills has published short stories, a handbook on how to run writing workshops and has been blogging since 2005. Her most recent collection of poems is A Friable Earth (Arc, 2019).
Photo: Giya Makondo-Wills

24th September 2020, The Swan Hotel, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1LN

7:30pm - 10:00pm.

Come and join us at Bradford on Avon's popular reading series, Words & Ears. Bring a poem or two to share in the open mic, or just bring yourself. All performers and listeners welcome: open mic slots always available on the night. £5 on the door.